Targeted market:

       Hobby starters with limited space requirements.
       Kit,modular build,the buyer will need 20 min. assembly time.
       Interchangeable parts,easy upgrade able.
       Wiring harness included,plug and play solution....(no controller).
        Feeds up to 250 imp.
       Will include a lifter (basic) standard.




      • Floating system
      • Controller (will be released 2022)
      • Table legs kit.



      Size: 24" x 32"

      Overall outside dimensions....
      L 35"  x W 45"  x H 48"



      Size: 16" x 24"

      Overall outside dimensions....
      L 23"  x W 38"  x H 24"(with short legs)
      It fits to a hallway 36" with ease...
      It fits throughout a door 32"...



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