CNC Rail Belt Drive System for Plasma and Router Table.

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CNC Rail Belt Drive System

These linear slide belt drive modules are a very economic way to make a CNC system. Very practical way to build a CNC System for Plasma or Router Table.
You build the heavy table and we provide the precision components necessary for the build.

We can provide Both Rails for Y1 and Y2 (slave).
Also X Gantry available.

  • Available for DIY.
  • Very fast positioning
  • Best uses are: Scanning,Plasma Cutting, Laser,Light Routing.
  • Easy to couple 2 modules into a XY table
  • Aluminium heavy profile extrusion (3"x 1.5")
  • Includes 1 pcs ...5:1- PX57 Planetary Gear Reducer Gearbox and Stepper Motor (270 Oz).
  • Including limits Inductive Sensor for a Plug and Play solution.
  • Belt is 20 mm width.
  • Wiring purchased separately.


When purchasing you will need Y1 and Y2 (slave)...left and right rails.
You can choose by using the drop down menu.

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