Plasma Table CNC 16 x 24

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We are offering a modular table kit to be assembled fast without to much fuss.
Most important it came to us the need to upgrade if  needed.The design has this in mind .For shipping purposes we kept it small 16 by 24. If there is a need for a 48 by 48 this table is upgrade able with just buying the tube and lead screw....all hardware can be used(of course you will have to build a bigger table.

A small test bellow at 200 IPM,3 axis run simultaneously on Mach 3....

The gantry is built using 3 tubes to be structural sound for routing.
On the market today there are plenty of plasma table products of all kinds of configurations and prices.

At the beginning of our research, we came with the idea of designing something to be easy to ship and also to be affordable.

For this reason we did not choose the most expensive parts on this table...but careful tested design and most parts are made in house on

CNC  VMC, to control budget which will be passed on you, as savings...


We changed 4 times the design until this one...and we believe to be affordable,reliable and easy to assemble.

There are no welded parts to create distortions.


Each slide is modular already assembled.

Lead screw is fast travel with anti-backlash. 

Wiring is done for you ...all what has to be done is connecting the controller to the connection box.



What is included:
X Gantry
Z axis with floating system 3" travel (as picture shows).
Dual Y axis
Table kit (SHORT LEGS...as pictured)
Table Slats
Wiring ..plug and play..
Technical Support (email and phone)
Parts (Warranty 1 year) 

      Weight is about 80 lbs....
      Ask questions...we will get back to you....

      Not included:
      -Water bed  

        For International buyers outside USA,shipping on this product has to be quoted.

      If you plan to buy please contact us for a shipping quotation.



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