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Most builders have their product using Rack and Pinion construction...and they copy each other...
When we decided to start designing our product,we made the decision not to copy or incorporate any of the competition design.
Therefore we think that a sturdy belt design is strong enough for any of your hobby or commercial applications.

We also believe that the power and sturdiness of a system is not necessarily in heavy cuts ...but in smart programming,where dept of cut and speed are deciding factors.
Why make heavy cuts,when you can cut faster (feed) with smaller dept of cuts also faster RPM...so the system will have a balanced performance.
The belt system it offers high IPM travel and cutting feeds at very low noise.
 Most importantly if you had the chance to listen to a rack and pinion system running you been surprised how noise is that system.
On the contrary belt system is quiet,yet powerful.
We use wide 20 mm belt with 5 mm pitch,the belt has wire in it, resulting a very strong and durable product

What's Included:


  • Available for Everyone,  Kit Sections (Gantry +Y1+Y2+Lifter) already assembled and tested Plug and Play.
  • Very fast positioning.
  • Best uses are: Scanning,Plasma Cutting, Laser,Routing.
  • Easy to couple Gantry to the 2 modules into a Y1 and Y2 table platform.
  • Aluminium heavy profile extrusion (bridge is 4"x 2").
  • Includes 4 pcs 5:1- PX57 Planetary Gear Reducer Gearbox and 4 pcs Stepper Motor (420 Oz).
  • Lifter Magflo-600 Included.
  • Including limits Inductive Sensor for a Plug and Play solution.
  • Belt is 20 mm width.(HTD5M)
  • Gantry height is 6" from waste board,standard (different heights available...just ask).
  • 4 Axis Controller Included.(Arriving soon).
  •      No Legs Kit.

Lead time is estimated to be four weeks.



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