For CNC Routers,Rails and Gantries....Lead time is 4 weeks.
First come first serve policy.


I am in Sweden...  How I can find out shipping cost:

You have to add a product to your cart and proceed to checkout. 
There you will see all charges or discounts applied to your purchase.


Yes....it is your responsibility to pay taxes and duty in your country of origin.Please plan for 10-20% Vat....we will add a smaller purchase price to help you....


How do you determine the pitch of a screw?

The pitch is the distance between the threads; you can determine this number by measuring the number of threads per inch (or centimeter) on the screw, then divide one by the number of threads (pitch = 1 ÷ number of threads per inch or cm). For example, if a screw has eight threads per inch, the pitch is 1/8.


SFU1204 Ball Screw and Nut,
12mm Dia,
4mm Pitch 


Proxy switch connection instructions.

Click on image -new window will open.


How do I wire the DB 9 connectors

We recommend soldering as follow.
One DB 9 can be assigned to the motors and one DB 9 to sensors.

 Back plate mounting holes for Plug and Play lifter.



What is the holding power the magnets have:

   Ring 15x3mm Hole 3mm neodymium N52, (countersunk ) Pull Force: Approx. 10.5 lb
  Ring 20x3mm Hole 3mm neodymium N52, (countersunk )  Pull Force: Approx. 10.5 lb 


How do I place an order?

Add your wanted product in the cart.
Apply discount if applicable.Go to Front Page-New-Discounts.
Go to checkout.
Pay for your purchase,there are different forms of payment for your convenience.
After payment is completed a payment and order confirmation will follow.
We will prepare and ship the product.
 A shipping information and tracking NR will be provided.
Sometimes we ship the next day...all this depends of stock available and other factors.
For out of stock items, please email us...we will do our best to ship the item you want... even if will take a little longer.

For any questions relating anything, just email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


For the shipment we need a shipping address and a phone NR.

 Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we will ship around the world.
Duty and taxes are your responsibility, and will be charged at your receiving location.

 You  have so many products. How I know, how to use them?

Many of  our costumers know what the are buying.
We have put in the description as much information as possible...
Keep in mind that one single product can be used in many applications.

Example of applications:
CNC router,plasma,engraving,floating engraving,floating plasma,router and plasma holder,plasma holder breakaway and others.

 That being said, we will post in the near future, "HOW TO" instructional videos and PDF files to help with your application.

I am in process of designing my machine...Can you provide me with Cad file of your product?

At this time we do not share CAD Data.
We do however provide overall outside dimensions.They are posted in item description.

Is there any product support after sale?

First, we want to exceed your expectation, sending you a quality product,we have a very strict policy on quality.Nothing gets shipped if not meeting our standards.We want to keep our reputation high.

We are an established business.If you need anything regarding the product purchased, we are here to help.Also keep in mind that our products are built with parts which are already available on the market today... (Ex.bearings,sensors,ball-screws,couplings,etc).

 Mounting choices

 For more info:
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