Targeted market:
       Hobby starters with limited space requirements.
       Kit,modular build,the buyer will need 20 min. assembly time.
       Interchangeable parts,easy upgrade able.
       Wiring harness included,plug and play solution....(no controller).
       Router-Plasma easy swap...
       Feeds up to 250 imp.
       Will include a lifter (basic) standard.




      • Lifter of your choice.
      • Floating system only
      • Floating and Breakaway System 
      • Breakaway System only
      • Router/Spindle Mount
      • Controller (will be released 2021)
      • Stepper motors (will be released 2021)
      • Table legs kit.



      Size: 24" x 32"

      Overall outside dimensions....
      L 35"  x W 45"  x H 48"



      Size: 16" x 24"

      Overall outside dimensions....
      L 23"  x W 38"  x H 24"(with short legs)
      It fits to a hallway 36" with ease...
      It fits throughout a door 32"...



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