LASER POINTER LOCATOR,Laser Guide,Crosshair,Laser Alignment By Karvecut CNC

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CNC Plasma Torch Laser Positioning System

Made on our VMC Fadal ,CNC Machined Aluminium Billet.
Ergonomic electric box ,with battery and switch for easy operation.
It includes 2 laser pointers.
It fits 35 mm torch.

We also have other sizes ...see other listings.


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 How to operate:

  • Slide the laser pointer on your torch from the bottom.
  • Use an Allen key to fasten the 5 mm screw until the body of the pointer is secure to the torch.
  • Lower your torch using z axis movement by slow jog,until 1/8 from the table.
  • Mark the position with a marker.
  • Lift the z axis as necessary, 2-4 inches from the surface of plate.
  • Switch the pointer to on position.
  • Adjust the lines of both pointers until you have a cross with the center on your mark.
  • Set the zero on your machine.
  • You are done.


2 Laser Pointers.
Electrical box with battery and switch.
Aluminium billet body.
The product is shipped assembled as picture shows.




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